The Future Of the Armory Game Engine

We finally get a bit of an update on whats going on with the Armory (or Armory3D) game engine, specifically what the plans for the future hold. In this video we will look at the recent history of this Blender powered game engine and look at what the future holds.

Armory Tutorial Series:


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ArmorPaint Hands On Video

frost2D: Lightweight HTML5 game engine for Haxe – [Game Dev Log]

— Game Dev Log #58 —
I’ve finally released the first proper version of frost2D! It’s still very early in development, so there’s probably some bugs and missing features. But feel free to check it out! 😀

Official site for frost2D:

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6. Cameras — Haxe And HaxeFlixel Tutorial Series

In this video we look at creating cameras, setting the world boundaries, following a game object, playing special effects and even creating a splitscreen game.

The text version with source code is available at:

J’ai le FLOW pour créer des jeux en mode terminal !

Aujourd’hui on parle de programmation de jeux en mode terminal (jeux ASCII), de Flow et de mes projets en cours.

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2D Game Dev: Episode 1 – Rendering a window

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In this video you will learn how to setup the basic classes to open a window and start the Gui of a game.

Formation haXe Facile : Codez une seule pour toutes les Plateformes !
Codez une seul fois… pour toutes les plateformes !
haXe : un seul langage capable de cibler une multitude de plateformes !
Déployez votre application sur iOS, Android, le Web, Windows…

Générez du code source : C++, java, php, JavaScript, ActionScript…

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