Using Haxe In The Defold Game Engine

Like the Haxe programming language? Like the Defold Game engine? Always wish you could use them together? Well, now you can and this video will show you how. Never heard of either… well we’ve got resources to help you there too!

Links in 24 hours | Haxe Game Engine

I challenge myself to learn a game engine in 24 hours!
I was searching around and I came across this new game engine that there’s been a lot of buzz around it lately and immediately my annoying mind went like: « I bet you can’t learn it in 24 hours bc you’re so stupid! »
And in that way, this video happened!
I hope you will enjoy this!

Link to the Github of the ECS system I developed for heaps:

« Kha returns » by Robert Konrad

After shaking up the world at WWX2015 Kha returns to Paris with a heap of new features. I will report about the progress since last year which focuses on new graphics features, performance improvements and Kha’s new IDE Kode Studio.

Kha’s website:

More info:


More vidéo WWX2016 videos on

The WWX is a 4 day conference about Haxe a high-level multi-platform open source programming language.The WWX2016 ‘s organized by Silex Labs and sponsored by Haxe foundation, Mozilla, Docler Holding, Secret Media, Gandi and Keymetrics.

More WWX2016 video on

WWX2016 playlist on youtube:

Music from the intro:
I Dunno by Grapes is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Haxe CastleDB et Ceramic, mes outils de game jam!

Dans cette vidéo de 22″, je vous présente les outils que j’ai utilisé pour développer Chaleace Tournament, mon entrée au dernier Ludum Dare #ld46 et qui m’ont franchement convaincus par la robustesse du workflow et la capacité d’itération qu’ils permettent.

Le jeu:

Qui je suis ?Je suis Samuel Bouchet, actuellement développeur de jeux chez Lonestone ( J’ai également développé le jeu de réflexion A Time Paradox (

Haxetelier #6 : Serious gaming

Cet Haxetelier organisé par Silex Labs en partenariat avec Knowledge Players propose de créer un serious game avec Haxe.